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Are you interested in becoming a BaxMAX Independent Dealer?

picture at eventWe are looking for friendly, talented and motivated people who are interested in making extra money and are passionate about helping people. If you think this is you, there is no doubt that you will enjoy working part time in the BaxMAX business. They key to success with the BaxMAX product is simply to get people to try it on. It literally sells itself once people try it. About 1 in 3 people suffer from some sort of back pain. Even if it’s not severe back pain, once they try it, they will love it!

Part time dealers can make as much as $5,000 per month in extra income by sharing the BaxMAX with others at public events such as festivals, fairs, home shows, boat shows, trade events, parties (scheduled or spontaneous), or anywhere there is a gathering of people. BaxMAX sales are especially lucrative at events where people are either walking or on their feet for long periods because of the natural pressure that is put on the lumbar spine.

Dealers can buy or earn protected regions of the country and can expect to spend less than $1500 to get started in their business. For more information, please Contact Us

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